"The vignettes are charming yet eerie, composed of relatively spare arrangements that are given the slightest exotic blur, turning them into little toy mirages that humbly march by ... like the moment someone realizes a robot has been knocking at their door while they were listening to a set of Magnetic Fields instrumentals."
— Ad Hoc

"The unique state of electric and acoustic elements drifts endlessly in the mind and has been one of the more surprising, where did this come from and we are glad it did, type of releases for us this year."
– Sound Colour Vibration

"...an album of strange, short, subtly transporting, clangy instrumental vignettes of tinker toy electronics, messed-with guitars, deep piano notes and honky-tonk synths, we think. It’s kind of like 3D printing—we still can’t quite get our heads around it, but it sure looks cool up close as it develops."