"If you've ever played an instrument, you've heard this album already, and probably, the cacophony is 90 percent painful. It's like a noise band that has never spoken to one another, attacking you in totally random fits based on the unrelated logics of strangers. But then, after you've endured thirty minutes of arbitrary noodling, some kid starts tenderly whispering Green Day's "Time of Your Life," and it's all worth it. Like, I remember when I thought I could be good, too."

Quotes from social media:

"Absolutely one of the worst concept records ever made."

"A must have for everyone who hates music."

"PTSD in a bottle."

"I think this was mentioned in Dante's Inferno."

"Not an Onion article."

"Gads, I'm listening and it's awful. Creative though."

"Soundtrack to my nightmares."

"Masochism level: midnight."

"The sounds of hell captured."

"New album of choice for ending the party."